10 Must-Reed Music Books of 2022

It was exactly a year ago that I wrote a post about interesting music books published in the previous year (link). As I liked the time I spent browsing through dozens of new published books related to the broad topic of music, following is my new take on the same topic.

As one year passed, I have been wondering about which areas in particular would attract more attention from authors and publishers. From what I could see, I would say, that there seems to be more interest to search for new ways to teach and learn music. Also the impact of the new technology and AI on music could be perceived. And my preferred area of the role of music in human lives didn’t disappoint.
So following are the ten books published in 2022, that I consider worth of your attention.

1. Wired for Music: A Search for Health and Joy Through the Science of Sound – Adriana Barton

This book immediately caught my attention and I wish I would have written something similar. The author Adriana Barton tries to respond to a question Why we need music? She does it through and interesting combination describing her personal struggles as a fledgling cellist and scientific research.

2. Exit Stage Left: The curious afterlife of pop stars – Nick Duerden

3. This Is What It Sounds Like: What the Music You Love Says About You – Susan Rogers, Ogi Ogas

4. Five Straight Lines: A History of Music – Andrew Gant

5. Oxford Handbook of Music Performance – Gary McPherson

6. Practical Musicology (21st Century Music Practices) – Simon Zagorski-Thomas

7. Music Is In Our Blood – Jim Neglia

8. Music Teacher as Music Producer: How to Turn Your Classroom into a Center for Musical Creativities – Clint Randles

9. Music and Digital Media: A planetary anthropology – Georgina Born

10. Mathematical Music: From Antiquity to Music AI – Nikita Braguinski

Photo by Racool studio on Freepik

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