“Eat” Your Way to Celebrity


Imagine the following situation.

It is Saturday evening. You are well rested and with high expectations preparing for a popular program on the television.

The best food and drinks will be served and eaten in your favorite show. The prettiest and the most popular eaters will be eating their way through the show. A team of the best waiters, ushers and servers will be helping famous eating stars and celebrities to fill up their bellies with “muchísimo gusto”.

Throughout the show you are mesmerized by the grace the female star is able to carry her appetizer from her plate straight to her mouth. You enjoy every moment watching and listening how her teeth cut through the first bite. Her molars process the food with such an amazing chewing capability! Wow!

And those waiters – they are the best. Working without one mistake, organized like a well-oiled machine.

It is a great entertainment to watch from the apéritif, through an appetizer, soup, main dish, all the way to the desert.

The audience loves what they hear and see. A huge applause brings the Celebrity Eater back in front of the audience with an encore of a plus café and well deserved cheese and fruits.


Almost no one cares about, or is interested to know how or who prepared her food. That is only for specialists and cooks. You just love to watch and listen to this ‘pig-out’ show. And maybe also dream about becoming once such a famous eater.

Confused? Why?

The way most of the audience consumes music these days, is not much different from observing this pigging-out imaginary show.

… That you don’t need to know the cook to enjoy the meal? Or to understand the recipe to digest the food?

Sure! But you don’t even eat it! You only observe it. Like in my – little over the top, I admit – example.

Nothing wrong with observing others how they enjoy themselves. And dreaming about reaching once a similar celebrity status. But while most of us enjoy eating food and quite few even preparing it, too many have completely given up the opportunity to enjoy making music.

I know, it requires some learning and preparation and practicing. Also some guts to put yourself up there. To ‘expose’ yourself. Even if it is only in front of a mirror in your bedroom, too many are terrified by the idea to open their mouth and sing. Or to touch and play a musical instrument.

Turning on a tv-set or iTunes is much easier. The only problem is that that is not far away from watching and listening someone else devouring their food. Although you participate only passively, your brain gets fired up by all those nicely prepared and rehearsed pictures and sounds. So you get your eagerly expected reward of oxytocin released straight from your brain.

BAMMM!!! It feels so good.

But do you want to know a “little secret”? Those entertainers are feeling much better than you, if they do their show honestly and properly. And you can feel even better, if you switch from a passive observer position to an active “player”.

If instead of paying someone else for an opportunity to watch them “gulping” their food, you use them as an inspiration and start messing around in your own artistic kitchen. Solo or with a group of friends, why not to try some interesting music instrument or singing harmony? Not to become a celebrity, but to enjoy yourself and an accompaniment of your friends.

If you wonder how or where to start, that is exactly where Musicably comes in. We want to inspire and motivate you to grab an instrument or find that favorite song lyrics – and to play or sing it yourself. We will help you to start and go wherever you want to get in your music endeavours.

Reap all those benefits active music making offers and become a music celebrity of your own life. Live happily and Musicably!


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