MUSICABLY launches


The new blog launched on April 4, 2017.

It has taken much more time to find out the name for my new blog, than I expected. It was worth the time. The name MUSICABLY contains, at least for me, most of what I wanted to convey to the readers and potential clients. It is short, fresh, tweaks the word music in a different way and has a positive and encouraging connotation in that ‘ably’ part. My computer reads it rather strangely, but Siri on the iPad pronounces it exactly how I expect and hope everyone else will do it.

This is a huge milestone for me. A few months ago I have registered the domain and started working on all the other necessities for launching the website and introducing my idea to the world. So what will be the next?

I have my preferred font for the website and all future communication from this domain. The font is rounded and one of the most “friendly” fonts I have seen. It is because I want to make sure that my clients will feel great from the very first moment they will get into the contact with me.

Then I needed to figure out the logo. As I didn’t have a budget for a professional design, my other option was the Fiverr. After checking few offerings, it was clear that you get what you pay for. Initially I started working on the logo myself. I studied the digital graphic design in the past, so this area is not completely unknown to me. Fortunately I have recognized soon, that there are better ways how to spend my time. The positive outcome of this effort was me having a clear idea and concept of the logo. With that, it was very fast to find the right person who was be able to finalize my logo for just the five dollars on the Fiverr. It is not world shattering, but it works. What do you think?

After that I had to decide on the website. Scrapped was the initial plan to start simply, with just the landing page. Musicably needs more explanation than what one page allows.

Therefore the new plan was to start a full-fledged blog. Because I had a chance to learn from my other website, I decided to do this myself. I will be working and posting on a daily basis after all, so to have some other admin constantly involved didn’t seem feasible. I had a clear idea about the design and overall feel and branding of the whole website. My goal is to be as friendly and as personable as possible (for me, anyway), and at the same time clearly professional and attractive enough. This is what the whole philosophy of Musicably has to be.

Musicably’s philosophy, or a mission, or a goal is to get as many people as possible into active music playing, or music making, for more balanced and harmonious life. This could be playing an instrument, but also singing, dancing, drumming, songwriting or composing. The key word here is ‘active’. This is not about the passive music listening, or even worse – using music as a sound wall/insulator or a pleasant background noise. It is about having music entering your life in a way that had been common for centuries. Only in the last about hundred years, music has become an exclusive domain for professionals and stars. And businessmen…

Active music making, or ‘musicking’ as I like to call it, can bring many benefits into your life. Although music will not feed your kids or fix your car, it can feed your soul and fix your relationships, for example. You decide what is important.

If you allow yourself to immerse into producing music tones, chords and rhythms, you will be as close as possible to mindful meditation. And once you start playing and become more comfortable, you may find soulmates who will be as open as you in sharing and participating at this music experience.

Rather than a search for perfectionism and stardom, this is a search for better, balanced and harmonious life and enjoyment – every possible day. And with playing music come other benefits for your physical body, your mental stage and spiritual wellbeing like the stress reduction, lower blood pressure, better mental concentration, higher energy, improved listening skills and many others.

How to get there if you are not a musician and don’t have any music education, you are asking? That is exactly what Musicably aims to inspire you into and will help you with. I believe, that everyone is artistic and everyone is musical. Children definitely are. But those abilities, if not further developed, get suppressed and subsequently forgotten in the adult age. I want to revive them and work with you to become musical again. I want you to go through your life like those children – happily, mindfully and musicably.
If you like the idea of Musicably, you can sign up to get more information about what to expect and how to start musicking.
Unlock the Musician Within You!

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Music names space is crowded these days. Therefore to avoid any possible confusion, here is a clarification of the situation. is in no way related to websites or companies behind, nor Although for some our readers and participants, their career path could evolve in a following way: once you live your life Musicably, you may realize, or dream about, getting further and deeper into the music world and potentially play your music not only mindfully but also professionally. If that becomes a case, a good measure of your success would be if your name starts appearing on And subsequently, especially for younger ones, if your faces start appearing on This doesn’t mean that we encourage this rout. But the possibility exists!


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