April 1, 2024

Music and Brilliance

Recently I have found an interesting research in the Psychological Science journal, titled An Emphasis on Brilliance Fosters Masculinity-Contest Cultures. Although quite a ‘woke’ topic, it cought my interest after I had a better look at the graph depicting the Relationship between perceived emphasis on brilliance […]
February 29, 2024

The Stupidest “music sound” Usage.

Every year in January a lot of electronic technology professionals and enthusiasts gather in Las Vegas, Nevada for an annual trade show called Consumer Electronics Show or CES. There a visitor can see, what has the electronics industry prepared for the next year, whether those are […]
December 30, 2023

This is Your Brain on Piano

It has been quite recently that I realized, that Pinterest could be a great source for information about music and, surprisingly, music research. Especially when searching for pictures, graphs, and infographics. I know, this shouldn’t be a surprise. But I thought, that Pinterest as a visual […]