Here you can find more information relevant to the musicking and the mindful music making.

Book Reviews

Making Music for Life

Making Music For Life

Rediscover Your Musical Passion from Gayla M. Mills
In Tune

In Tune

Music as the bridge to mindfulness by Richard Wolf

Favorite Books

Authors and books I appreciate

Austin Kleon - Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work
Iain Morley - Prehistory of Music
Steven Mithen - Singing Neanderthal
Christopher Small - Musicking
James Clear - Atomic Habits
Seth Godin - The Practice
Gary Ansdell - How Music Helps
Alan Harvey - Music, Evolution
Derek Sivers - Anything You Want
Sönke Ahrens - How to Take Smart Notes
Alfred Tomatis - The Conscious Ear
Marcus Aurelius - Meditations
Michael Gerber - The E-Myth Revisited
Donald Hodges - Music In the Human Experience
Julia Cameron - It's Never Too Late to Begin Again
Nils Wallin - The Origins of Music
Penelope Gouk - The Routledge Companion to Music, Mind, and Wellbeing
John Powell - Why You Love Music
Nicholas Cook - Music as Creative Practice