The Stupidest “music sound” Usage.

Every year in January a lot of electronic technology professionals and enthusiasts gather in Las Vegas, Nevada for an annual trade show called Consumer Electronics Show or CES. There a visitor can see, what has the electronics industry prepared for the next year, wheather there are cables, speakers, computers, fridges, or cars.

This year my attention caught a new car idea related to music. It is a completely new creation from the luxury German car manufacturer Mercedes – their electric vehicle AMG EQS 53 4Matic and its usage of music related sounds called the Sound Drive.

At first I liked the idea of having a car reacting “musically” to every minuscule change in its positions, speed, and driving. But while watching various journalists and Youtubers to go crazy about this idea, soon I realized, how trully stupid and dangerous it is. Not sure if you would see it the same way, so let me unpack it a bit more for you.

As it has been presented, this idea was born in a head of an American rapper about two years ago. Like few other successful celebrities as well, he spends part of his fortune on expensive cars, and also on modifying them to his own taste. This hobby brought him in contact with the AMG  subsidiary of Mercedes Benz AG, which is focusing on high-performance customization of Mercedes vehicles.

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