How Music Benefits Your Brain

One of my first blog posts was about How playing an instrument benefits your brain. Since then there has been a lot of new research done on this topic and also there are new videos about it on YouTube. As this is exactly the theme Musicably is dedicated to, following are a few related videos, that could make it more understandable for anyone interested.

Here is a very interesting one showing how that research is being really done. This is from one of the best research laboratories dedicated to the music and brain research, at the McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

And if you still want to get clarified the question Can playing an instrument make you a genius? – the next video may shed some more light there for you.

I am convinced, that playing any musical instrument can bring a lot of benefits to the player. But if your instrument of choice is piano, here is an interesting video summarizing benefits playing a piano can bring you.

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