New Old .. or .. Old New?

Please have a look at the two photos above and let me know in the comments below, which vases do you think are older. Left or right? To make it easier for you – or, maybe to confuse you more, I can reveal here, that there is about 5,000 years difference between two periods when those artefacts have been made.

Thank you if you’ve made your comments, or for just stopping for a moment and thinking about this.

Now, let’s continue with the story.

A couple weeks ago, we took our two children to the Royal Ontario Museum here in Toronto. Our son was interested in the new dinosaurs exhibition, and the daughter wanted to see some 19th century designs and dresses for her school project. While walking through the vast halls of the museum, my attention got caught by differences in artistic expression of the common utility objects in different eras in history. 

Absolutely striking was the difference between the depicted two sets of vases, created some five thousands years apart. That got me thinking about a true artistic expression, the pure beauty, utility, craftsmanship, historical value … and ultimately the reason why some of these objects even exist. And subsequently, I couldn’t resist to compare that with music … as this blog is about music in the first place.

I will continue here a few days later, once I see readers responses.

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