Dare To Play A Serenade For Your Love


In this time and age hardly someone expects you to go and play a favourite song under the window of your dream girl. Even less, to play a song or a music you composed yourself. Such a serenade could get you into a jail instead of the heart of your love.
If you still yearn to use music for expressing your love emotions, technology offers modern tools and power for you to use. The proverbial balcony of your loved lady is nowadays her Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. The power of modern technology gives you various possibilities to prepare everything upfront. You can record your music, or better, go live through FB Live, FaceTime or What’sApp.
And why not to serenade regularly? Music can express emotions much better than words. Instead of using emoticons, GIFs or other people’s quotes, use your own music. Or write your own lyrics, couple it with a sweet melody of yours, and sing it to your lady. Or your man.
Serenading online should become a new trend!
Let’s figure out how to impress your loved ones. The best would be to start with playing an instrument. Musicably can help you with it.
The worst what could happen is an angry father throwing a splash of water on your head to cool your love emotions down.
If you chose music as the object of your love, such a treatment is impossible. Music will always treat you well. Try it!


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